The Sony Ericsson WT19i Walkmanis an audio focused mobile phone released in 2005 as part of the W-series Walkman range from Sony Ericsson. They were one of the first cell phones to offer an integrated music player and special Walkman button to provide instant access to your music on the go. This article will teach what to do when you get an Unlock codes for a Sony Ericsson WT19i Walkman.

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Unlock codes for Sony Ericsson WT19i Walkman

Not so easy to access via the handset however is any mobile network, as the phones come with built in SIM restrictions as standard. This is easily and legally removed with the use of a simple unlock code and some easy to follow unlocking instructions.

To get the unlock code you need, it is advisable to first approach your network service provider. The chances are, if you are a long standing customer of theirs, they will give you the unlock code at no cost, and may even unlock the phone for you in store.

If your service provider doesn’t want to help, you can purchase the unlock code you need from a reseller, found on the internet or on many high streets. They will charge you a small fee for the unlock code, but this is usually no more than £10.

When you get your Unlock codes for a Sony Ericsson WT19i Walkman here’s what to do

When you have your unlock code, follow these simple steps to use it to unlock your handset.

1. Remove the current SIM card from your phone and switch it on.

2.  Press the left arrow key once, and then press the * key twice.

3. The phone will display a message similar to ‘Personalize with MNC2’ or ‘Personalize with MNC3’.

4. If the phone displays the message ‘Personalize with MNC2’ then enter the unlock code you were given straight away, and the phone will be unlocked.

5. If the phone displays the message ‘Personalize with MNC3’ then wait a few seconds until the phone displays a new message, ‘Network’ with an image of a padlock. When this new message appears press Select, and when prompted enter the unlock code you were given. Your phone is now unlocked.