The Samsung Galaxy Tab is the long awaited tablet release from gadget manufacturers Samsung.  Named Galaxy after their popular range of Android smartphones, the tablet will be an enhanced tablet version of the Galaxy smartphones, with all the same features and more. It boasts high definition touch screen display, perfect for enjoying games, movies, apps and the web in the palm of your hand.

tablet unlock codes

Unlock codes for Samsung Galaxy Tab

Another thing the Galaxy Tab has in common with its smartphone siblings is the SIM lock placed on it by network providers. To access the web using your tablet on the go using 3G internet connection requires a SIM card, whether it is on a pay as you go or contract basis, from a mobile network service provider. As with mobile phones, when the provider sells a tablet with a SIM card, they tend to put a SIM lock on to prevent the device being used on any other network. This can easily be removed, with some simple instructions and an unlocking software, as well as a new SIM card on a network that the device is not locked to. Unlocking the device will not only allow you freedom of choice when choosing a network provider, it will also increase the resale value of the device!

To be able to unlock the tablet, it must first be rooted. Follow these simple rooting instructions, and your device will be ready to unlock:

1.First you need to download the Samsung Kies Software onto your computer and install it.

2. Open the Kies software and connect your tablet to your computer using the USB cable.

3. Unplug the device and then go to Settings, then Applications, then Development. Make sure the USB Debugging is ON.

4. Plug the tablet back in again. It should automatically install the drivers.

5. When the drivers have installed, close Kies.

6. Now download the SuperOneClick App to your computer and extract the SuperOneClick .zip file.

7. The tablet should still be plugged into the computer, if it isn’t, reconnect it now. Then right click the SuperOneClick app and select the option Run As Administrator.

8. When the SuperOneClick app opens, click the option Root and leave it alone to complete. Once completed your device is rooted!

Now it is time to do the unlocking part.

1. Download the Bootloader apk file to your computer.

2. If your device isn’t still connected to the computer, reconnect now.

3. Copy the Bootloader apk file to the root of your storage.

4. Then on your tablet, if you don’t already have a file explorer app then download one now. Then use the file explorer to select the .apk file and install it. Follow any onscreen instructions that appear on the tab.

5. When the install is complete, open the Bootloader if you need the patch it will offer you the option of Patch Bootloaders. If you see this option, select it and allow to complete.

6. Your tablet is unlocked!