The Samsung i9000 Galaxy S (also known as the GT-I9000) was an Android-based smartphone released by Samsung in 2010. It was awarded the European Smartphone of the Year award in 2011. The Galaxy S and Galaxy S II comprise a phenomenally successful phone series, selling more than 30 million units of the two phones combined.  One of the reasons for its success is the premium level of audio performance delivered by the phone.

There are carrier-specific versions of the i9000 as well. AT&T sold a version under the name the Samsung Captivate, Sprint called it the Samsung Epic 4G (and gave it a slide-out full QWERTY keyboard), T-Mobile sold a version under the name the Samsung Vibrant, and Verizon called it the Samsung Fascinate.

A SIM lock forces a particular phone to be used with the carrier that sold the phone. Reversing the SIM lock, or unlocking the phone, is a simple process of merely typing a specific unlock code into the phone. To guarantee a successful phone unlocking, ensure that you have the correct code for your unique IMEI number, and that you enter the code carefully.

Unlocking the Samsung phone, whatever its name, is a very straightforward process. You can unlock the Samsung phone for free by getting the specific Samsung unlocking codes for your unique phone from your carrier. If you’re not able to unlock the Samsung phone for free for whatever reason, you can also purchase the Samsung unlocking codes from an online vendor.

Once your phone is unlocked, it will stay unlocked, even if Samsung updates the phone software. Unlocking the phone has no effect on the manufacturer’s warranty. When you are travelling, you will have the option of using a local low-cost service provider and still being able to access all of the important contact information and text message history in your phone. Having the phone unlocked also raises its resale value.

The other item you’ll need for unlocking a Samsung phone is a brand new SIM card, that hasn’t yet been locked to a specific carrier. These cards are widely available, and do not cost very much.

With the correct unlock code for your phone and a fresh SIM card, just follow these steps.

1. Power off your phone.

2. Take out your existing SIM card, and put in the new SIM card.

3. Power on your phone.

4. The phone will ask you for your network unlocking code. Simply enter the code you were given. (If it instead gives you a warning about an incorrect SIM card, enter the code string #7465625*638*nnnnnnnn# where nnnnnnnn is the network unlocking code.)

Your GT-I9000 is now unlocked, and able to use your choice of GSM networks.