Nokia restriction codes: we’ll remove the mystery and show you how to get one that doesn’t damage your phone.  As everyone knows, Nokia is one of the most reliable and second to none phone manufacturers on the market both in the past and present, and as they currently dominate over 40% of an industry that has so much choice and such a variety of manufacturers, it looks like there is no signs of them stopping in the future. The selling point of Nokia is the vast and plentiful range they offer. Whether you want a handset with a media focus such as the 5228, a smartphone such as the Lumia range or the new Windows phone, or even just a bargain to make the odd call on such as the very reasonable C1 and C2 ranges, you can guarantee Nokia have something to offer you. To unlock your Nokia, you will need to get a restriction code for Nokia.

Can I use any network after unlocking my Nokia?

So it comes as no surprise that people want to unlock their Nokia phone using a restriction code, to enable them to switch providers without losing out on their ideal cell phone. Well the good news is it is extremely simple and won’t take long at all to do. These simple steps should help you gain a Nokia restriction code for any model and unlock your Nokia phone.

It is advisable to start by contacting your network service provider. In some cases, if you have been a loyal customer for a long time or if it is their policy they may give you the restriction code and in some cases go through the cell phone unlocking process for or with you. They may give you the restriction code for you Nokia for free, or in some cases they may ask for a few of up to £50 ($75). If you are willing to pay the fee, this is the easiest and safest way to get your phone unlocked as they are trusted service providers and can offer help and support if anything goes wrong.

Restriction codes for Nokia, a software solution is not ideal

If you want to factory unlock your Nokia then select the Nokia tab at the top of the screen, then your handset model and then the operator to which your phone is locked to, in most cases that will be the network that you bought the phone from. If you are buying a second-hand Nokia online on eBay or craigslist. For example, then make sure you know all the network that the phone is locked to, otherwise unlocking can be very difficult. We recommend not using a software unlock as these are currently very unstable and you may risk damaging your valuable handset.

If the Restriction codes for Nokia or unlock code you have entered has been successful, a message similar to “SIM is not restricted” or “Restriction off” or “restriction code off “should appear. If the message does not appear, it means the code has not unlocked the handset, so try another code. If a message such as “Cannot undo restrictions” appears then it means the phone cannot be unlocked by using an unlock code, and you need to contact your network service provider for more details.

Is there a restriction code available for all Nokia’s?

At some point you may hear people talking about unlock codes for their cell phones and wonder whether There is a restriction called for your particular model. The answer is not that straightforward. You might hear it described as a Nokia restriction code, but it is basically the same thing as an unlock code. Nokia phones are notoriously difficult to unlock, the Lumia range of handsets are amongst the most difficult in the marketplace to unlock. But once unlocked as well as adding extra value to your phone if you plan to sell it, unlocking it also allows you to use it at home or abroad with any network provider you choose.

How to get Restriction Codes for Nokia

No matter how great your Nokia phone is, it has severe limitations if you are locked into using just one service provider.  Unlocking a phone lets you use any service provider, allowing you to take advantage of better service plans, rates, and features of a wide variety of service providers.

If you are concerned that unlocking a cell phone is difficult or time consuming, then rest assured that it isn’t.  As with much of the information we gather today, the Internet is the place where you can get the unlock code you need.  The first step is to power up your phone without a SIM card in it.  Then enter *#06# into the keypad and a 15 digit IMEI number will be displayed. Once you know the IMEI number for your particular phone you can go on-line and get the correct Nokia cell phone unlock code.  Turn your phone off and back on then you will see a message asking you to insert the SIM card. At this point you can type in the unlock code you obtained. If you are successful, a message telling you that the SIM restriction has been lifted will appear on the phone’s screen.

The Advantages of Using a Nokia Unlock Code

Now that the phone has been unlocked you can start to use it with any network you want, including replacing the original SIM card and using your original network provider.  Or obtain another network’s SIM card and use their services with a pay-as-you go plan.  This is particularly advantageous if you plan on traveling abroad.

Using unlock codes for your Nokia phone gives you freedom to take the most advantage of this great product. If you need to get a Restriction Codes for Nokia cell phones the why not choose a reliable supplier.