How to Nokia Enter Restriction Code

How to Nokia Enter Restriction Code

What is a Nokia Restriction code or as some people call it a Nokia Unlocking Code? Nokia has been manufacturing mobile phones since before the age of cell phones, selling radio phones in the 60s and car phones in the 80s. They helped to develop the GSM standard protocol for cellular networks, allowing their phones to be used on any GSM network, no matter which carrier sold the phone. There is absolutely no risk of damaging your Nokia by unlocking it and once unlocked it is permanently unlocked even after updates. So lets find out what a Nokia Enter Restriction Code is and where to get one.

In order for cellular providers to be able to sell the phones at a deep discount, Nokia allows its phones to be SIM locked, or to have a Nokia code restriction placed upon it. This restriction will allow the phone to be used only with the network belonging to the specific carrier it is restricted to.

Will a Nokia Unlocking Code allow me to use my phone on any network

You can reverse the restriction codes for Nokia phones by obtaining the unique phone unlocking code for your specific mobile phone. Often, your carrier will give you the Nokia code restriction. It doesn’t seem to make much sense, that the carriers are the ones insisting that Nokia place restriction codes on the phones, then the carrier turns around and gives the customer the restriction codes for a Nokia phone for free. But the codes were never meant to permanently restrict which service you could use. The idea behind them was simply that the phone would be locked to a specific provider until such time as the provider had recouped the cost of discounting the phone. Therefore, if you’ve been a customer of your carrier for long enough to have paid off the cost of your phone in service fees there is no reason for them not to give you the phone unlocking code.

Video Instructions on how to Unlock a Nokia with a Restriction Code

If, on the other hand, you haven’t been a customer for very long, you have a few options. If you’ll be remaining under contract with your carrier, but want the option to use an alternate carrier while traveling internationally, many carriers will still give you the unlocking code for free. Otherwise, you can go to a code supplier. These third party vendors offer you codes online for a small fee.

How to Nokia Enter Restriction Code

After you get the code from your carrier or a code supplier, you’re all set to unlock your phone. While you will need a new SIM card to make international calls, you don’t need one when unlocking the phone. That way you can buy an inexpensive local one at your destination.

Follow these steps to unlock your phone.

1. Power off your phone.

2. Take out your current SIM card.

3. Power on your phone.

4. The phone will ask for the restriction codes.

5. Enter the exact characters of the restriction code you were given, including any special characters. Depending on your model of phone, you may need to press the * key multiple times to generate the special characters – 2 times for the +, 3 times for the p, 4 times for the w.

Your Nokia phone is now unlocked.