Nokia are one of the longest standing manufacturers of phones in the world, even before mobile phones were invented. In the 1960s Nokia produced radio phones and in the 1980s they worked on car phones. They also helped to pave the way for mobile phones today.

The Nokia Corporation is in fact a Finnish corporation who operate in multinational communications. They are based at their headquarters in Keilaniemi, Espoo, Finland, and their best known and best selling products are mobile phones and other mobile communications devices. Nokia also offers internet based services including applications and games, music and media, maps and messaging. Nokia also have a joint project with Siemens called the  Nokia Siemens Networks. This provides equipment and services in the area of telecommunications. Nokia has held the title of the world’s largest mobile phone vendor from 1998 to 2012, but with competition like Apple, BlackBerry and Samsung sneaking up on them, it is thought that the title will soon be stolen from them. Most Nokia phones are sold with a restriction code which stops the mobile from being used on other networks. To use your nokia on a network other than the one from which it was bought from you must first unlock it.

mobile phone unlocking

nokia restriction codes

Nokia phones old and new all have one thing in common. They have network restrictions placed on them, in order for the network service providers to be able to sell their phones to people at a very discounted price. These restrictions prevent the phone from being used with a SIM card from any other network than the one it was originally purchased on. But in this day and age, those restrictions no longer have to be so binding, as they can be easily reversed with the use of a restriction code, otherwise known as an unlock code.

To get your hands on a restriction code, the best place to start is with asking your network service provider. If you have been a loyal customer of the network for quite some time now then the chances are they will offer you the code for free. They may even offer to use the restriction code to unlock your Nokia handset for you in one of their stores.

If you haven’t been with the network for a long enough amount of time for them to give you the code, then you can always go through an independent mobile unlocking service. These are usually found on the internet and offer restriction codes for a small fee to people who can’t obtain one from their network.’

Once you have the restriction code, it’s time to unlock your handset:

1. Remove the current SIM card and switch the phone on.

2. You should receive a message asking you to enter the restriction code.

3. Enter the exact characters of the restriction code you were given.

Once the code is accepted, your handset is unlocked!