How To Unlock A HTC G2

How To Unlock A HTC G2

This article will demonstrate how to unlock a HTC G2 with an IMEI remote unlock. The HTC G2 (also known as the HTC Desire Z overseas) was originally released as a T-Mobile phone. It currently also works with Sprint, and more carriers are expected to join the fray for this fine phone. It is fast, exceeding even the speed expected for Sprint’s 4G network.

One might well ask: why unlock a cell phone? The reason is that your phone is shipped with a lock on the SIM, which limits you to using it with the carrier from whom you bought the phone. To achieve freedom of carriers by unlocking your cell phone, you’ll have to get the correct unlock mobile phone code for your HTC G2.  The unlock code for your unique phone becomes available about 6 weeks after the phone is manufactured.

Your mobile operators shipped your phone locked to their network in order to force your loyalty

Unlocking a cell phone is totally safe.  These phones are made unlocked; the carriers then have the manufacturers add a SIM lock to tie the phone to their service. Unlocking is just restoring the original settings, and has no effect on your warranty. Your phone will remain unlocked even after updates to the software.

The main point regarding the question of why unlock a cell phone is that you will slash your bills when travelling. You can then use your phone with an inexpensive SIM card from a local carrier, avoiding international rates. This also increases your phone’s resale value.

If you plan on asking your network operator for an unlocking called then make sure you have plenty of spare cash

Your carrier will likely give you the unlock mobile phone code if you ask for it. If not, the unlock code for unlocking your cell phone can be bought from online vendors.  Note that you must use the code explicitly for your IMEI number. No other code will work to unlock your phone.

You will need a SIM card associated with a phone carrier other than the one which is your current phone carrier. These are cheap, and can be purchased in cell phone stores.

To unlock your HTC G2 just follow the following steps

Once you’ve got the new SIM card and the unlocking code for your HTC G2, use this procedure:

1. Turn your phone off.

2. Take out your existing SIM card. Replace it with the SIM card purchased from the local carrier. Snap on the battery cover.

3. Turn your phone on.

4. The phone will request a GSM unlock code. (Note: If this fails to happen when you turn the phone on, switch your phone to GSM mode and do the procedure again.)

5. After you enter the code, go to the Main Screen Menu, then access “APN Settings”.

6. The preset APN will appear, and now click the “New APN” button.

7. On the “New APN” screen, enter MCC (Mobile Country Code) and MNC Mobile Network code.

You’re done. Your phone is now ready to use with any GSM network.