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How to get a Nokia Restriction Codes

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How to get and use Nokia Restriction Codes

Nokia mobile phones are the original mass market phone and still one of the best and most popular phones on the market today. The original iconic ringtone is well-known and immediately identifiable worldwide. Over the years Nokia mobile phones have increased in complexity and functionality and most now include a simple camera, MP3 ringtone capabilities and Bluetooth connection. Unlocking Nokia phones has grown in complexity over the years, the early generations of Nokia Cellphones: DCT-1, DCT-2 and DCT-3 could easily be unlocked with a Restriction Code which could be generated for free using widely available Nokia Unlocking Software or Code Generator.  However, newer Nokia Mobiles are more difficult to unlock and require an experts to generate a Restriction Code.

So how do you Get a Nokia Unlock/Restriction Code?

So first things first, the easiest and safest method of unlocking your Nokia is to order a Nokia Unlock/Restriction code for your handset from us.  We are mobile phone unlocking experts.  We guarantee that the code we supply to you will be safe and expertly generated.  To get your code:

  • Enter some details about the phone on the order form
  • Pay via Paypal or Credit Card
  • We email the code

Nokia Unlock Instructions

Once you have your code, you will need to type it into your mobile. To do so you will need to:
  1. Insert a SIM card into the phone from another mobile operator, i.e. one that is not from the network that the phone is locked to.
  2. Then switch the phone back on, and you should see a message similar to ‘enter subsidy code’ or 'enter restriction code' or 'restriction password'.
  3. You should now enter the unlock code you received from us via email, and once it is accepted the phone is unlocked and you will see a message similar to 'SIM is not restricted' or 'Restriction Off'.

How do I know if my Nokia is Locked?

Your phone will present you with one of the following messages:

Enter Subsidy Password
Enter SIM Unlock Code (Simlock)
Contact Service Provider
Insert Correct SIM Card
Wrong SIM Card
Incorrect SIM Card
Phone Restricted
Can't Undo Restriction
Locked Return For Service
Enter Unlock Code
Enter Special Code

What our Customers Say

Unlocking Codes Customer Reviews
Perfect. Got really annoyed with my mobile service prices but l really loved the Nokia phone so I wasn’t sure what to do, so I thought I would give this a try. I found unlock.my and got my Nokia phone unlocked, and then unlocked my parents’ phone and my sister and brother’s phones too. I guess I went a little mental because I then went and used unlock.my and helped a few friends get their phones unlocked. It was so simple, easy as pie to do and much cheaper than going out and buying a new phone, which I did not want to do because I like my phone and why do that when you already have a useable phone you spent many pounds on? I don’t have money to waste. I have got my phone now on a brilliant and fast network, and that makes me very happy. Good job Unlock.my, you made my day.
Domingo Jones, Nokia X2
Very impressed with the service. Had the unlock code within 3 minutes, and it worked perfectly. The instructions were easy to follow and the phone now works perfectly. I was really sceptical about whether the site was genuine (I'm paranoid like that) but I've been really impressed and I will recommend it to others looking for this service.
Charles Morales, Nokia 3510i, O2, UK
Hey. Tank you very much. It worked very good.
Faye Schwartz, Nokia 2700 Classic
Hello, It worked. The phone gave me a message that said "phone restriction off". Thanks very much or "cheers" as a bunch of beer drinking Brits might say…
James Rice, Nokia 3200, AT&T, U.S.A.
Yes the codes worked fine. The service was very impressive and good value Many thanks
Gavin Jobeson, Nokia Asha 201/
Worked lovely. Now I can put in my O2 Sim into my Canadian phone. Excellent!
Maryann Tyler,Nokia 3100, Fido, Canada
just a note to say that i was very impressed with your phone unlocking codes, clear instructions and it worked first time!!!! brilliant thankyou
Dave Adams, Nokia 3510i, Orange, UK
I am sending this to say thank you for unblocking my eldest daughters phone from virgin to vodafone YOU ARE CLASS well worth the £5 THANK YOU AGAIN
Chris Radette, Nokia C3, Virgin, UK
This is a letter of gratitude to all at unlock.my ,a highly recommended company helpfull and honest... Thankyou very much for your help...Terry
Terry Murphy, Nokia 6300, Orange, UK
I was very skeptical about unlocking my Nokia phone but I decided to give it a try and chose three different companies. Before I went to bed that night, I purchased a restriction code from two out of the three companies. I wanted to test them all. Here is what happened. I am still waiting for the unlock codes and it has been days since I purchased the codes. The third company was unlock.my and I just went to their website and the unlock codes and instructions were posted, so I did not have to send any email to them. Unlock.my was a different company than the other two and I really liked them. I submitted to get refunds from those other two rip off places, so do not go with anyone else that you find. You will be wasting a lot of pounds if you do.
Kathryn Gray, NOKIA C2
The first code failed but the second one worked a treat and unlocked my phone. When I upgrade to a new phone I will give this one to someone in my family to use. Thanks very much it was so easy to do. The instructions are great
Chris Hogan, Nokia 6700 Classic
The code worked perfectly... My phone is now unlocked! Thanks!
Martin Vezina, Nokia 6590, Rogers AT&T, Canada

Reviews        Rated 4.9 / 5 from 28 reviews.

Well done, very impressed with Unlock My Company. Code arrived very fast and phone unlocked straight away, would use again!!

Sarah, Greystones, Ireland unlocked their X3-02 Touch & Type

Thanks for unlocking my Lumia 920.
You guys are the best

noki07, London, United Kingdom unlocked their Lumia 920

Dear Mr. Doug,

thank you very much for the discount code you've sent to me! I've really appreciated your gesture of good will! And, once again with much pleasure, thank you for having helped me in unlocking my mobile phone! ...I'll surely get back to you/Unlock.my when I'll need it again!

Kind regards,


Marco Atzei, , unlocked their 2730 Classic

Great service. Very quick

Freda Moore , Graham, TX, unlocked their X2-01

Unlock.my is the real deal!

Tiernan Knowlton , Freeport, FL, unlocked their 2730 Classic

I am very satisfied with the wonderful and worry-free services I got from Unlock.my and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a real unlocking service that is not a scam.

Lauren Welkie, Middletown, PA, unlocked their 6303 Classic

Thanks Unlock.my for your fast unlocking service.

Mona Nasser , Pompano Beach, FL, unlocked their 2730

This is one of the many unlock code websites I looked at through a search engine. Unlock.my was the only unlocking website that was the most organised and professional that I came across plus the unlock process was quick and easy. No problems at all.

Janis Wyatt, Talladega, AL, unlocked their Lumia 710

The Unlock.my website is easy to navigate, and with the instructions the process to unlock is pretty easy to do. It took only one try to get my Nokia phone unlocked.

Angel Archuleta, Grand Junction, Colorado, unlocked their 6085

Unlock.my were so fast, I had my phone unlocked in just a few minutes and am so happy. Thanks unlock.my!

Ray Kelly, Dorset, UK unlocked their Lumia 820

Excellent company, quickly sent the code to unlock my cell phone. Thanks

Luke Santos , Las Vegas, unlocked their Lumia 820

Absolutely brilliant thanks

Anna Parsley , Kent, Uk unlocked their Lumia 920

I am very satisfied with Unlock.my.

Roberta Toby, Indiana, USA unlocked their Lumia 920

Very good experience and very fast service. Recommended.

Michelle, Norfolk, Uk unlocked their X2

Its a amazing service very fast.

Felipa Bonsignore, , Canada unlocked their X2

Excellent service wil be sure to refer. thank you...:)

Tom Maloney, Kildare, Ireland, unlocked their Lumia 810

Worked perfectly for my Nokia Lumia 810 from T-mobile. Code was sent to me in less than half an hour.

Cesya Longmuir, , USA unlocked their Lumia 810

They were able to unlock my Lumia 810 for me! Thanks, guys!

Marcus Inglis, Columbia, Missouri, unlocked their Lumia 810

Unlocked my Lumia 810 from Telia and can now used any network. .Highly recommend unlock.my!

Minetta Depp, Stockholm, Sweden, unlocked their Lumia 810

Great job, unlock.my!

Patrick Shick, Alaska, USA, unlocked their C2-01

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