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How to unlock Huawei U8665

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Unlock Huawei U8665

The Huawei Fusion 2 U8665 Android smartphone features 3G, a 3.5 inchtouchscreen, 3.15 MP camera, Wi-Fi and GPS. Unlocking a Huawei handset is very simple to do and only requires us to send you one unlock code.  Follow the process described here to unlock your Huawei handset.

Unlock Huawei U8665 in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Select your Huawei Phone Model from menu above.
  2. Then select country and network it is locked to.
  3. Confirm phone details and pay by credit card or Paypal.
  4. We email the unlock code.

Unlock Code Input Instructions

  1. Turn the phone on with an unaccepted SIM card inserted.
  2. The phone should automatically prompt you for the unlock code.
  3. Enter the unlock code we emailed your. 

Congratulations your Huawei U8665 is now unlocked!

Benefits of Unlocking your Huawei Phone With Us?

  • Unlock.my is a leading provider of Huawei unlock codes.
  • Enjoy fast delivery of your unlock code to your inbox.
  • Totally risk free. If we can't unlock your phone, you get a refund.
  • Secure and safe shopping experince with excellent customer support.
  • Simple unlock process and easy to follow unlock instructions.
  • Our unlock codes are safe and won't damage your handset.

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I had the code within twenty minutes and I had my Huawei mobile phone unlocked a few seconds after that. I was surprised that the Unlock.my website had such a wide variety of phones to unlock; the instructions were very detailed and this made it a lot easier than I thought to unlock my mobile phone.

D Alger, Copenhagen, Denmark, unlocked their U8665

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