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HTC are one of the most popular phone brands on the market today. A HTC phone is very simple to unlock. If you can dial a telephone number, you can unlock this phone! If you are unsure if your HTC phone is locked, simply insert a non-accepted SIM card (this is a SIM card not from the original carrier) and if the phone prompts you with a network locked message, you know your phone is locked. 

HTC phones are hugely popular, especially when it comes to unlocking, many people buy a HTC and get a SIM free pack and move to the network that best suits their needs:-

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  • How to unlock HTC phone
  • Unlock htc inspire
  • Unlocking Code HTC One

HTC phones are unlike other handsets that can have multiple locks placed on them as they only ever have one lock. This means that HTC phones only need one unlock code to remove the lock on them.  Once you enter just one unlock code you can use the SIM card you want to use in your HTC.

Our HTC unlock process is safe, easy to use and guaranteed to unlock your phone regardless of your GSM network. We can unlock all the newest HTC models including HTC Inspire, One, One X, Sensation, and all other HTC Models. We can unlock from AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers, Fido, Bell, Telus, Vodafone, Orange, Three and all other major GSM service providers. We can also unlock handsets from Sprint and Verizon.  Please make sure the phones prompt you for an unlock code when you insert a non accepted SIM card before placing the order.  There is no refund on codes for HTC phones that do not prompt for an unlock code.

Follow this process to get your HTC unlocked today:

  • Select your handset model, country and network from the menu.
  • Fill out the checkout page.
  • A short time after purchase, we’ll email your HTC unlock code.
  • One you have received your unique unlock code, follow these step-by-step instructions and your HTC mobile will be unlocked in no time.

HTC unlocking Codes - Input Instructions

  1. Turn on your HTC phone with a non accepted SIM card.
  2. Phone will prompt you for the unlock code.
  3. Enter the unlock code we emailed you.

Your HTC phone is unlocked!

Purchase with Peace of Mind

Unlocking a HTC phone is an easy and simple process.  We offer great prices, expert support, fast delivery and simple instructions.  We also offer a money-back guarantee policy with all our unlocking transactions, so unlock your phone here today with peace of mind.

Reviews        Rated 4.7 / 5 from 132 reviews.

Thank you very much. Very punctual service.

Ashley Curtis, London, UK unlocked their G2

I just want to let you know that the unlock code and the instructions worked great. I would highly recommend you to anyone that would like to unlock their phone. Thank you so much.

M Gettel, Michigan, USA unlocked their One

In about ten minutes my phone was unlocked. Great service, great support, great everything! gets A+

Jerald Hertzke, Iowa, USA unlocked their 8X

Very quick and professional service. Will definitely use again. Thank you.

Frank Atwell, Hartville, Ohio, unlocked their Inspire

Fast and reliable service, unlocked my HTC One without any problem

Dalia Udel, California, USA, unlocked their One

The value offered by this website, is incredible compared to the cost of purchasing a new phone and service. Well done guys.

Mandy, Hamilton, Canada, unlocked their One

If you want to find a good place to get your phone unlocked, then should be the place you go. They had great instructions; I loved the ease and construction of their website. Cheers mates!

Matthew, , Australia unlocked their One

If you want a good place to unlock your call phone, look no further than

Robby Nothwood, London, UK unlocked their One

I was very impressed by the quality of and their unlocking service.

Noah Gentle, Toronto, Canada unlocked their One X had a service that was very easy to use, and I had no trouble at all unlocking my phone. It was very painless, which surprised me!

Evan Daly, Chesapeake, Virginia, unlocked their One X

A+++ this is the most reliable unlocking site on the internet!!

Annabell Mccullough, WA, USA, unlocked their One X is awesome! I had my code in less than an hour and it was easy to enter it into my phone.

Beth Cosner , Georgia, USA unlocked their Inspire 4G

Very well satisfied

Jon Eichorst , , USA unlocked their Inspire 4G

Well done. Great work.

Ellen Freda , Warwick, New York, unlocked their Inspire 4G

I cracked the HTC Desire S mobile phone which was coded to only pick up a certain big name network with, but I wanted to get out of my agreement. I found but I was afraid because I found some bad reviews about experiences people had with unlocking websites. I decided to give a try seeing that it was safe. I was on pins and needles waiting, and finally got my code by email after only waiting a short time. I followed the instructions that came with the code and to my joy it succeeded after only trying once, and now my HTC Desire S phone is cracked. I will definitely recommend the page to all my friends, because I really had no trouble at all. My HTC Desire S phone is now on a different network and it’s really running great. My phone is working very fast now!

Valens Ely , Tampa, Florida , unlocked their Desire C

I cant thank you enough. After trying two cheaper unlockers and wasting time and getting nowhere except more frustrated, your site was first class. Code received as stated and clear instructions. Worked first time. I can now use a sim which gets a strong signal in this remote location. Next time i will use you first. I will also reccomend you to everyone. Thank you.

Stephen Duncan , London, Ealing, unlocked their Desire C

Karen Smith said:
Excellent service with great communication. I received my unlock code within hours and easily followed the instructions - worked perfectly!. Will use their services again!. Highly recommended!

Karen Smith , Glendale, Arizona, unlocked their Desire C

First class service well recomended thanks, ian

robert ian davidson, Zagreb, Croatia unlocked their Desire C

This was a great service and was even quicker than promised. I had been trying to get Orange to send me the unlock code for six months and they just kept ignoring me so I finally gave up. Thank you.

Chris Jones , London, Ealing, England unlocked their Desire C

I have had a HTC Desire S I moved from the US to Europe and wanted to continue to use my HTC. I had service with t-mobile, but did not have a current account as I had moved to Europe. Upon contacting t-mobil the refused to unlock my HTC. I either had to have current service with them or had record that I paid full price for my HTC with t-mobile upon my last service with them in the states. I did not have/keep this documentation so I was out of luck and unable to use my HTC for approx 1 year. My substitute phone's speaker broke so I was back to trying to figure out how to get my HTC in working condition again. T-mobile in the country I live in was unable to assist me too. They suggested I contact the US t-mobile and I did. They were not helpful at all. So after all of this, I did a google search as I was sure that there were more options than what t-mobile was giving me. I found information about the phone unlockers and read a few customer reviews. Than I decided it was worth taking the chance of loosing the $30 I would have to pay if the site ended up not being legitimate. I am am very pleased with this service. I was skeptical of paying online with a company I had never heard of, but it proved to be a good choice. After being locked out of my phone for over a year, I was up and running with my new sim card in the country I currently live in in less than 5 minutes. It was amazing and I am so very happy and pleased. I would recommend this service to anyone having issues getting their phone unlocked. I got a step by step email and was able to go thru the steps with ease and got my phone unlocked immediately.

Clairissa Mitchell , Rome, Italy unlocked their Desire S

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