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You can easily remove the network lock on your AT&T Cell Phone so that you can use it on any network.  Simply enter the unlock code that we provide for an easy cell phone unlocking solution. There’s a long list of advantages to having an unlocked AT&T iPhone the most obvious of which is the freedom to change providers and to pick from a much wider range of tariffs from alternative mobiel operators. Very often people buy a phone and once the contract runs out, they want to go for a more competitive tariff with another provider. Sadly, this will often mean getting another phone with an expensive contract. By unlocking your AT&T iPhone, you can keep the handset that you have become very attached to with all your data, images and contacts, whilst still getting the contract you want. Talk about the best of both worlds. If you get to the point where you do want to get a newer model, you can give the unlocked phone to a family member or friend, or just sell it in the local paper or eBay. Selling an unlocked phone is considerably easier in most cases than selling a locked one. Think about it, there are always phones on sale at every turn and if you have the choice of buying a locked phone or an unlocked one, which are you going to go for? Precisely. AT&T operates a 3G GSM network, as well as 4G HSPA+ and an LTE networks.

Make sure that the phone you wish to unlock is a GSM phone i.e. needs a SIM to operate.

How to Unlock Your AT&T Handset

  1. Choose your handset model, country and network to start.
  2. Enter your IMEI and an email address. You can find your IMEI by dialing *#06# on your keypad as if making a call.
  3. Within a short time we’ll email your AT&T unlock code.
  4. Follow the simple instructions provided to unlock your AT&T cell phone.
  5. Don't trust your AT&T unlocking to anybody else!

Why Purchase from Us?

  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • Customer suppport team.
  • Easy to follow instructions provided.
  • Fast delivery of the unlock code you your inbox.
  • No risk to your phone as the codes come from the manufacturer.

Reviews        Rated 4.7 / 5 from 15 reviews.

The best ever, thank you very much :)

Jassim Kamal, Doha, Qatar unlocked their AT&T iPhone 4 Unlock

Unlocking your phone will give you the freedom to purchase or use a SIM card from another network or carrier in your own country. It will give you the opportunity to change the SIM card to a local provider when abroad, allowing much cheaper calls. It may also increase the value of the phone if you sell it

Nick Harris , Lubbock, unlocked their AT&T iPhone 4 Unlock

Excellent support if things don't go as planned the first time round! I can't believe I got all this all so cheap!

Micheal Davies , Buffalo, New York, unlocked their AT&T iPhone 4 Unlock

I need an unlock code for a AT&T iPhone 4. I found your service on google and within 50 minutes my phone was unlocked. I had asked AT&T to unlock it but they wanted $90. This is truely a unique service, thanks!"

aamir muktah , Toledo, Ohio, unlocked their AT&T iPhone 4 Unlock

Thank you for your service, your company has amazing and fast customer service, a really unique company. Thanks again

Shahir Mushtaq , Sacramento , unlocked their AT&T iPhone 4 Unlock

I could not of asked for a better service. It was really quick and easy to follow. I never you phone unlocking could be this easy

DAVID O'LEARIE , Indianapolis , unlocked their AT&T iPhone 4 Unlock


SHABIR AQTAR , Denver , unlocked their AT&T iPhone 4 Unlock

Your service is so good we use it in our store to unlock phones that our phone unlocking equipment can't manage. This site has an amazing tool and has worked very well for us every time.

Unlimited Phone Accessories, Nashville, unlocked their AT&T iPhone 4 Unlock

Just want to say thanks for a great service which you provide. Worked first time.

Marc Barnes , California City, unlocked their AT&T iPhone 4 Unlock

I had purchased an ATT iPhone 4 cell phone for my daughter as a Christmas present. The phone cost $100 less with a pre-paid SIM card rather than SIM free. I later found out that my daughters current SIM card would not work in the new phone and she would have to change her number. I did a search on Yahoo and found your site, I was a little nervous using this service on a new phone as it was so cheap. However, it worked first time and I saved $98 and it put a smile on my daughter's face. I can't thank you guys enough.

Thomas Johnson, Nashville, USA unlocked their AT&T iPhone 4 Unlock

The benefits of unlocking my phone are now so apparent. I have less to pay out every month in calls and texts since i switched networks with your help, money i can spend on much better things. Thanks Again.

Shelly Douglas, Jersey City, unlocked their AT&T iPhone 4 Unlock

Simple, cheap, unique and most of all AMAZING. Thanks

Mohammed Shah , Newark , unlocked their AT&T iPhone 4 Unlock

Thanks guys, I was a bit nervous at your low price at first. Now I can not believe how you can offer a permanent iphone unlocking so cheap when everyone else charges so much! Thank you!!

John Thomas , Tucson , unlocked their AT&T iPhone 4 Unlock

Excellent service, I will be using again! Saved me from paying $13.99 to get my iPhone 4 unlocked somewhere else. Will recommend to my friends. Thanks you!

DOUG EDWARDS , Milwaukee , unlocked their AT&T iPhone 4 Unlock

I had tried a number of sites for unlocking my new AT&T iPhone 4 mobile, they all failed. I came to your site after being told about it by a friend, and 3 minutes later my phone was unlocked. Thank you so much! I just wish I had come to your site first before wasting my time and money on those other sites and almost permanently locking my phone.

Jason Balderstone, Atlanta, unlocked their AT&T iPhone 4 Unlock

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