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How to Unlock iPhone 5C

The Apple iPhone 5C is a real departure from the classic iPhone design.  Apple have introduced plastic casing, reinforced with a steel structure underneath to give a robust feel, and it comes in five bright colours.  But like all Apple iPhones, the iPhone 5C can be factory unlocked using the official method provided by Apple. To use your Apple iPhone 5C on any network, simply select your country and network from our list and place your order.  Once Apple have processed your phone, we'll send you a confirmation email letting you know your unlock is ready. Follow the simple unlocking instructions below and your handset is unlocked permanently and without voiding the maunfacturer warranty.

The iPhone Factory Unlock Process

  • Select country and network and place order
  • Pay by Paypal or Credit Card
  • Wait for confirmation email saying your iPhone is being processed
  • You will be sent another email when your permanent factory iPhone Unlock is complete

How to Unlock iPhone 5C

  1. Update the iTunes software on your computer.
  2. Ensure your iPhone 5C has the most recent version of iOS.
  3. With the new SIM card in it, connect the iPhone 5C to your computer and wait for iTunes to detect the phone.
  4. Disconnect the iPhone from the computer, and wait 20 seconds.
  5. Reconnect the Apple iPhone 5C to the computer and wait for iTunes to detect it again.

Your iPhone 5C is now unlocked.

Important Information about Unlocking a Verizon iPhone

After unlocking a Verizon iPhone, it will NOT be compatible with any carriers in the USA.  It will only work outside the USA. 

Why Purchase from Us?

We are a team of dedicated unlocking experts.  We unlock thousands of iPhones. Here are the top reasons you should choose unlock.my to unlock your iPhone 5C:

  • We are a genuine unlock service provider, offering the official iPhone unlocking method through Apple and iTunes.
  • We offer a permanent unlocking solution.
  • We support ALL iPhone models from all major carriers worldwide
  • It doesn’t matter which basebands or firmware your phone has, we can unlock it. 
  • We will provide you with a full refund in the event that we cannot unlock your iPhone. 
  • We accept Paypal or credit card and we are Verign approved (Symantec). 
  • We offer a safe and fast unlocking service which won’t damage your phone or void the warranty.
  • We will provide you with easy unlocking instructions and if you need it, expert help

Don’t trust your Mobile to anybody else, unlock your iPhone 5C here today!

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