We are a team of US bloggers dedicated to informing and educating mobile users. For example, did you know that, according to BillMonitor in the UK  3 of 4 people overpay by £200 per year because their mobile contract is not right for them.. This means that while the network prospers, you get poorer. Well, we believe that users should exercise their rights and change mobile operator if you are paying too much or getting poor service.

So our group has come together to dispel any of the myths about phone unlocking. We are not trying to sell anything and have no other agenda. So if like what we have to saying then spread the word.

…start spreading the word.

Did you know that if you sell your unlocked phone on eBay it could be worth an extra 43% on average? If you sell it unlocked on Done Deal it will we worth a hefty 52% extra. All because it is unlocked and can be used on any tariff plan on any network.

So who are we?:
Doug Asker: Founder- Unlock.my
This is Doug Asker. An internet entrepreneur who has launched may successful businesses in the past. Doug has launched http://unlock.my to spread the word and the benefits of unlocking. Why not get Doug to write an article on the subject for your site?